A little too windy ?

The aerodynamics of your MX5 are far from perfect and as with most convertibles they suffer from a problem known as buffeting when the roof is dropped.

This buffeting manifests itself as gusts of wind which come from behind the drivers head. At motorway speeds this for some people can become quite tiring.

There are several tricks to help reduce this which can increase your enjoyment of top down driving.

The cheapest trick is to drop the drivers side window but to leave the passenger side up. This changes the airflow through the cabin to give the driver more of a wind in the face feeling than a wind behind your head. Fantastic if you like the wind in your hair.

If however you are not too keen on having your face blown by 70mph gales then the other solution to try is a wind blocker. There are a number of types available from factory fit to after market. They are fitted behind the seats and take away the buffeting. Usually they are made from a fine mesh on a frame and in most cases are enough to almost completely remove any buffeting from within the cabin, allowing for top down action at any speed.. perfect.