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Mk 1/Mk 2 Water temp gauge how do you get it working?

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Mk 1/Mk 2 Water temp gauge how do you get it working?

Postby Shadgrind » Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:17 am

Here is how to do it:
First get the cluster out of the car! Plenty of info around, though if you aren't sure on how to do this maybe this mod isn't for you my friend!

Have yourself a Phillips screw driver Soldering Iron and some Solder to hand along with a selection of resistors (½ Watt):
137-139 ohm (I used a 39 and a 100 combined in series), 6.8 ohm and a 1k ohm.

Here is the water temp gauge out of the car. The diodes were color coded on my car, you want to mod the one with the black line, not the blue. This may not be the same in every car.


End result above.
Here are all the solders done. Its pretty hard to say which one you should do first, but start from the outside and do the middle big f'in solder last. I numbered them in the orderI found to be best:
1: Make sure the relay you solder across is the red thing with blue and black bands. This is the 1k ohm and relay in parallel.

2 & 3: are the two series resistors.

4: Be careful not to put too much solder here or you won't be able to screw the gauge in properly!

Now here is the THIRD solder in more detail. It can be a bit tricky to solder two resistors in series (I have got a few pre done if you want in my complete kit of four resistor £3 each kit)

On solder number four, don't do this...


If you get too much solder on any parts desoldering wick (Maplin) can be useful.Here is what you want it to look like:
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Re: Mk2 temp gauge how do you get it working?

Postby Lazza » Fri Oct 30, 2015 9:49 am

Note that not all are the same and the combination of resistors required depend on the year of the car.

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