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NB F/L - replacement ECU and immobiliser key re-programming

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NB F/L - replacement ECU and immobiliser key re-programming

Postby blackyb » Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:29 pm

Use this procedure to re-programme your existing keys to a replacement PCM and immobiliser as long as they are a pair from another car with two of the original keys.

Keys 1 & 2 are the keys that you hopefully get supplied with and programmed to the replacement ECU & immobiliser.

Keys 3, 4 (or more if you have them) are the original keys for your car with the damaged PCM.

If no time period is stated then all steps should be done within 30 seconds of one another.

So here goes, install the replacement PCM and immobiliser.

Remove the black plastic immobiliser coil from the ignition switch and leave it hanging loose but still connected.

Put key 1 through the immobiliser coil.

Now put key 3 into the ignition switch for three seconds, no need to turn in on.

Then here comes the tricky bit, remove and insert key 3, five times at intervals of no more than a second. If all has gone well after the final insertion the immobiliser light within the instrument panel comes on. (didn't know there was one - do now) It took me four attempts at first so stick with it.

With the immobiliser light still on, remove key 3 from the ignition and key 1 from the coil. At this point the immobiliser light should go out.

Now insert key 2 into the coil and re-insert key 3 back into the ignition and switch it on. Confirm that the immobiliser light comes on for a couple of seconds and goes out.

Remove key 3 from the ignition and key 2 from the coil and now refit the immobiliser coil to the ignition switch.

Put key 3 into the ignition again and turn it on. The immobiliser light should come on for a couple of seconds before going out. Switch ignition off.

To re-programme any additional keys follow the above step (key 4 in, ignition on, immobiliser light on/off, switch off)

Once you have all the keys reprogramed, wait for 30 seconds, and start the car and confirm that the immobiliser light turns off.

It worked for me and saved me the hassle of changing all the locks.

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