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Moving the indicator stalk on an MX5 Mk1 NA from the right to the left.

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Moving the indicator stalk on an MX5 Mk1 NA from the right to the left.

Postby Mazda Mender » Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:14 pm

The following walk through how to guide was sent and Submitted By.....
David on April 2017 member dippedheadlights

clip_image002.jpg (25.53 KiB) Viewed 1030 times

Yes I know some people consider it part of the personality of the car and on a RHD car it should be on the right (so you can change gear at the same time) but I just found it annoying !

It wasn’t so much I was hitting the wrong stalk in the MX5 I was getting wrong but afterwards when driving a modern.

I had seen LHD Mk1 MX5s had the indicators on the left and the combination switch (which is the correct name for the part) was just a mirror image of the RHD version, how difficult can it be ?!

Well, not too bad.

The excellent Rods workshop manual was a great help as it gave the pinouts for the many different versions.

First I had to find a combination switch from a LHD car. I ruled out the US cars as most there have airbags and so the centre part of the switch is different. I looked at German Ebay where there are a few listed but in the end bought one from mx5centre.com in the Netherlands which cost about ÂŁ40 including postage.

Ideally get the housing as well although the RHD one can be adapted and fits pretty well, see later.

My MX5 is a 1991 Eunos. The later Mk 1 had a different combination switch where the stalks come out nearer the top, not sure if they work the same way.

Steering wheel has to come off, I had a puller which helps, note it’s splined, there is no key, so mark the position so it goes back in the same place. Undo the clamp and you need to lift a small tab before it slides off, see photos below.

OK, so 4 plugs in the back, they look the same, just swap them over ? Not quite so simple, the pinouts are different. I’ve marked in yellow on the second diagram below the ones that need to move.

clip_image004 (1).jpg
clip_image004 (1).jpg (392.2 KiB) Viewed 1030 times

You’ll need a small screwdriver to push down the locking tabs in the multiplug connectors so the spade connectors can be moved as follows.

Note most of the plugs need to move to the other side of the combination switch.

Plug A (white plug) this might have a blanking tab in position 6, remove this. Now following the above diagram. This needs all cables moving as follows.

RHD Pin 1 (red/white) moves to pin 6

RHD Pin 2 (red/black) moves to pin 5

RHD Pin 3 (white/blue) moves to pin 4

RHD Pin 4 (green/orange) moves to pin 1

RHD Pin 5 (white/black) moves to pin 2

Plug B This doesn’t change, plugs straight in.

Plug C This only has wires to 3 of it’s 8 connected

RHD Pin 6 (green/red) stays on pin 6

RHD Pin 7 (black/yellow) moves to pin 5

RHD Pin 8 (green/yellow) moves to pin 1

Plug D a 6 pin black plug

RHD Pin 1 (black) moves to pin 3

RHD Pin 2 (blue) no change

RHD Pin 3 (blue/orange) moves to pin 1

RHD Pin 4 (blue) moves to pin 6

RHD Pin 5 (blue/yellow) no change

RHD Pin 6 (blue/white) moves to pin 4

This picture shows Plug A and Plug C after the cables have been moved.

clip_image006.jpg (10.61 KiB) Viewed 1030 times

Connect the battery and give it a test. If you haven’t already then now would be a good time to do the diode mod so that when you flash the lights they pop up. (that is detailed elsewhere so won’t repeat here) In this new configuration the diode fits in plug A between pins 5 and pin 1 with the line on the diode toward pin 5.

Finally, the housing. Ideally get a LHD one but the RHD one can be modified with a knife or Dremel and is OK, the holes are slightly bigger than they should be but isn’t really noticeable.

clip_image008.jpg (9.29 KiB) Viewed 1030 times

clip_image010.jpg (8.46 KiB) Viewed 1030 times

And that’s it !
Submitted By.....
David on April 2017 member dippedheadlights
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